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Brand Design

In the style of an ethereal car-shaped form (simplified), minimalist lines, vibrant colors, organic shapes, and curved lines, smooth edges.
A warrior with a medieval helmet in the shape of a folded piece of paper. In the "fold," the contour of the face and helmet can be seen. Concept: "Warriors of Knowledge."
A yellow arrow-shaped logo pointing right (forward). Conceptual minimalist sculpture, structural design composed by the repetition of one element.
Red rounded shapes in a "vertical portrait" format composed of two concentric smooth curves, playful use of forms.
Image of a wine bottle composed of a series of purple dots (various shades) forming the image of a wine bottle, pointillism.
Semi-abstract representation of a lemon slice with blue lines expanding on the opposite side (concept of expansion, development).
Figurative minimalist representation of the silhouette of Mercury (Roman God of Financial Gain and Commerce).
Symbol of Australis Vinhos. Representation of a bunch of grapes. Poetic and gestural minimalism, "serpentinata" figure.
Symbol composed of an uppercase letter "Q" with a lowercase letter "o" inside it, slightly aligned to the right. Outside this combination, a dot (a small circle with the thickness of the letter "Q" and the letter "o") protrudes prominently. The diagonal upward alignment of these three elements forms a dynamic composition. At the bottom of the Q, the descender (tail) curves and extends to the far right of the letter "Q," tapering with a diagonal cut.
Sensidea Logo. Brand Design.
"1001 Industry" Logo. Brand Design.
Letter "T" in shades of purple, in bold format, in a "ribbon" style with a movement pointing to the right. The descender of the letter "T" in a V shape.
Safia Logo. Brand Design.
Logo Banco de Autores. Brand design
Delicari logo. Brand Design.
Tyrex Logo (Adhesive labels). Brand Design.
BRQ IT Services Logo. Brand Design.
Naming e Design da marca Delmond Hotel | Assinado pela Brandium
Logo Tiaki. Brand Design.
Nilton Lins logo. Brand Design.
Astrea logo. Brand Design.
(2008) Tellus (contact center) Logo. Brand Design.
Amphoras Logo. Brand Design.
A symbol in shades of red representing a rectangular speech bubble/content, depicted in isometric perspective, inspired by post-minimalism.
IDP (Private Law Institute) Logo. Brand Design.
independent Investments Logo. Brand Design.
Abiplast (Brazilian Association of the Plastic Industry) Logo. Brand Design.
HPX CORP (Spac) Logo. Brand Design.
Smartia Logo. Brand Design.
Coot Logo. Brand Design.
Process Dynamics Logo. Brand Design.
Printástico Logo. Brand Design.
Resende Municipality Logo. Brand Design.
Maria Bonita Logo. Brand Design.
Tito Couto Logo. Brand Design.
Leitíssimo Logo. Brand Design.
(2018) Wine Brands Logo. Brand Design.
Ivo Zarzur logo. Brand Design.
Inovando Logo. Brand Design,
Frutaria São Paulo logo. Brand Design.
Symbol of Australis Vinhos. Representation of a bunch of grapes. Poetic and gestural minimalism, "serpentinata" figure.
Bravend (Sales Courses) Logo. Brand Design.
(1998) Preto Attorneys Logo. Brand Design.
Sulis Logo. Brand Design.
Lendecke Portugal logo. Brand Design.
Grasp Security Systems logo. Brand Design.
SóEscadas Logo (stairs industry). Brand Design.
Lature Milk Logo. Brand Design.
Starlis Group Logo. Brand Design.
Colégio de Presidentes Logo. Brand Design.
Evoris Logo. Brand Design.
IASP Publishers Logo. Brand Design.
Marine Enterprises Logo. Brand Design.
Della Terra (food brand) Logo. Brand Design.
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