La Guapa


Brand Design
Visual Identity
Packaging Design
Graphic Design

Símbolo da marca "La Guapa" na cor Branca.
Logo da marca "La Guapa" para aplicação em fundos de cor clara.

La Guapa Project

First, a good EMPANADA (traditional stuffed pastry) comes from an enormous desire to please another. The value of this experience, of making and receiving, lives on, which is why empanadas have been revived and reimagined over the centuries. This is what chef Paola Carosella and Benny Goldenberg have done at La Guapa, a laidback eaterie where they sell empanadas and other delights designed for pleasure.

An empanada is a type of savory pastry that is popular in many Latin American countries, including  Argentina and Chile. It is typically made by folding a thin dough (usually made of flour, water, and sometimes fat) around a filling of seasoned meat, vegetables, cheese, or a combination of these ingredients. The dough is usually baked or fried until it is crisp and golden brown.

In this project, we designed the brand to support interpretation of the name, using the outline to project simplicity and a down-to-earth feel. We took the same approach to develop La Guapa’s visual identity, iconography, menus and packaging.

Cartão de visita e Menu para a marca "La Guapa"
Design de menu em papel Kraft para a marca "La Guapa"
Conjunto de Ilustrações de empanadas para a marca "La Guapa"
Design de embalagem para empanadas para a marca "La Guapa"
Sacola em papel kraft para a marca "La Guapa"