The project

Founded in 2003 and now with 8 stores, Santo Grão is a benchmark for its coffee and the spaces it creates, which are designed to make you linger. Its stores taken on various guises throughout the day, becoming: cafeteria, café, coffee brand, restaurant, lounge and bar. Over the years, the company founders and their team have refined their peculiar vision and are constantly searching for the tangible and intangible that can be delivered by spaces and products with value proposals that are carefully balanced to match people with special moments. This has made Santo Grão both an example to others and a success.

The brand redesign came 11 years after the company was founded and was intended to fulfill a desire for renewal while preserving brand recognition. During the project, we also faced the challenge of creating a pragmatic synthesis to verbally define Santo Grão in all its various dimensions. Our solution: Santo Grão, a blend to linger.

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