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Leitíssimo is a brand of milk produced by cows from a single herd that roam free on pasture, are free of tuberculosis and brucellosis and are not injected with hormones. The milk production process is sustainable and the milk is bottled at the farm, near the city of Jaborandi in southwest Bahia.  It is the largest pasture-based dairy herd in Brazil.

During strategy and positioning development, the “premium” factor was dealt with factually, anchored in a sensitive and human reality that reflects the company’s day-to-day activities.  We achieved this by focusing on simplicity, using the Portuguese word for milk (Leite) and combining it with the superlative suffix “íssimo”, reflecting what is effectively a unique, superlative milk. The brand and packaging design were developed to produce an emotional and visual contrast at both the point of sale and in consumers’ refrigerators.

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