The project

Delicari is a natural foods brand that launched making yoghurts and ice-creams without artificial coloring or flavoring or any other artificial ingredient. Its products are a fusion of great knowledge and respect for nature and its processes. The result is simple, yet exceptional handmade foods.

To give the brand form and expression, we took a simple strategy and positioning approach summarized as follows:

Delicari – Food made with patience.
We let nature create the flavors, textures, colors, smells and nutrients at its own pace.

The Delicari name, the brand, the graphic repertoire and the packaging solutions were created to generate impact and establish contrast, presenting the brand to consumers in a unique way.

Design e Rótulo para Pote Preto da Delicari - Inglês
Design dos Potes Pretos da Delicari - Cores e Sabores em Inglês
Três Potinhos de Iogurte da Delicari
Potinho Delicari transformado em vaso
Add for the new Delicari Store in Sâo Paulo Brazil

Architecture: Gorios Neto

Painel de Molduras idealizado para Loja Delicari

Blackboard Frames: Brandium + Sara Mello

Marca da Brandium Agency
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