The project

The Boali brand was created after Salad Creation’s master franchisee in Brazil decided to create its own brand and operate independently. The company currently has 23 stores.

The new, 100% Brazilian brand reflects its partners’ goal of “Changing habits and doing good”. Based on this, we created a strategy and positioning to structure various dimensions of the brand around its potential to transform through healthy eating. We were responsible for the Boali naming process and developed the brand design to transmit the idea of “natural food”, creating expectations linked with pleasure and satisfaction. The seed/fruit brand representation is a reference to the cycles through which nature is transformed by human actions, where the quality of what you reap comes from the quality of what you sow, and vice-versa. The Design was intended to provide flexible and diverse graphic resources to reinforce the brand identity and speed up communication and design production.

Store Concept

Packaging Concept

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